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What we do

Aotal develops world class software, but it's our people helping yours that makes a difference.

We achieve this by providing technology solutions and support to help optimise your workforce needs for today, as well as prepare it for what it may need tomorrow.

Here are Aotal, we never stop innovating. Your next challenge is our next product. We build exciting products which result in high levels of customer value and deployment. Our dedicated staff will not only help you set up your unique recruitment software platform, we'll continue to help you with ongoing support and training that's made us a market leader.

Our people are part of Aotal's Human Technology solution. We want to help you find the pilots who fly our skies, the engineers who build our bridges, the teachers who inspire our younger generations- people who will make a positive impact in your business.

Human Technology is the undeniable link that must exist between best of breed talent management technology platforms, and the skills, knowledge and experience needed to implement them.

You choose the systems and tools appropriate for your organisation and we advise, support and assist you to ensure you get maximum benefit out of your technology investment choices.

Here's how we can help: