Human Technology

Cloud-based talent management solutions tailor-made for you.

Indigenous Maori named New Zealand, Aotearoa 'Land of the long white cloud'. Our unique Kiwi spirit is reflected in our name and our cutting-edge HR technology solutions. Aotal, more than recruitment software, more than integrated talent management.

The rules for HR software have changed; no single piece of technology is enough to run your business. That's why here at Aotal, we don't just provide recruitment technology, we provide Human Technology - a full talent management solution that includes local, friendly and experienced customer service from our team.

We'll talk with you, and more importantly listen, so we can identify what you need to build a scaleable talent management ecosystem that suits your specific requirements. Your company is unique; your talent management solutions should be too.

Our technology brands include SnapHire, as well as our groundbreaking integration hub, Talent App Store.

A market-leading ATS.

SnapHire is an award-winning web-based ATS (applicant tracking system) designed specifically for the corporate environment that lets you attract, evaluate and hire the very best people for your organisation.

SnapHire represents a mature recruitment technology platform which is highly configurable and delivers an extremely powerful platform from which organisations can drive their attraction, recruitment and on-boarding strategies and processes.

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But SnapHire is just the beginning.

Our Talent App Store platform solves the biggest HR technology challenge facing employers today - accessing and integrating new technologies into their existing rigid Integrated Talent Management systems.

Talent App Store delivers a solution to that problem by offering an open platform for the development and deployment of HR SaaS microservices - small, elegantly formed, pre-integrated apps that each do one thing exceptionally well.

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